OPINION: Battle against intolerance will be fought in history classrooms

A complete accounting of the past – not platitudes – is our best weapon against racist mistruths

COLUMN: Climate change and West Kootenay wildfires

How does this summer of wildfires relate to climate change? Here’s what the science says.

  • Aug 17th, 2017

John White: Taking stock after six months at the helm

I’ve managed to surpass the six month milestone as regional editor for Black Press.

Gord Turner: Feathers in the cap for Castlegar

“As far as we’re concerned, the pools are the best things the City of Castlegar has ever developed.”

  • Aug 17th, 2017

Walter Volovsek: Retrospectives — Arrow Dam 2

From the north shore southward, the dam consisted of massive blocks.

  • Aug 17th, 2017


The Trail neighbourhood of Tadanac was once a separate municipality, with its own reeve and council.

  • Aug 17th, 2017
Canada Day 2017


    Canada Day flag raising


      Inclusive affirmation


        Stanley Humphries Secondary School Graduation 2017


          Letter: Choice important in auto insurance

          News that BC drivers could be paying 30 per cent more on insurance premiums by 2019 is alarming.

          • Aug 17th, 2017

          Joan Alexander: Asking for prayers for the pooch

          Sometimes I chuckle when someone asks me to pray, send energy or offer a blessing.

          • Aug 17th, 2017

          Debate of national anthem lyrics is ‘moot’

          Making the lyrics more inclusive does not reject tradition, but respects it

          BC VIEWS: Notes from the forest fire zone

          Media hype aside, this is not the worst fire season ever

          John White: Top 10 phrases you don’t want to hear in a home reno

          Even a simple plumbing repair turned into a three-hour epic worthy of dramatic BBC acting talent.

          Walter Volovsek: Retrospectives — Arrow Dam 1

          In this view the concrete section of the Hugh Keenleyside Dam is nearing completion.

          • Aug 10th, 2017

          PLACE NAMES: Syringa Creek

          David Loughnan and Russell Rose named the site where they camped on Lower Arrow Lake in 1903.

          • Aug 10th, 2017

          Nikole O Piyo: Making an impact in Kenya

          Hundreds of kids filled the rainbow-coloured seats at the soccer stadium in the slums of Kenya.

          • Aug 10th, 2017

          Betsy Kline: Learning to appreciate the so-called little things

          As I walked into work this morning, I asked, “Have you noticed how good the air in Castlegar smells?”

          Faith Foundations: The Written Word of God

          No book has made a greater impact on the world than the Holy Bible.

          • Aug 3rd, 2017

          Gord Turner: Travels with Don to the family homestead

          I was asked by my brother Don to accompany him on a nostalgic tour of the town where we grew up.

          • Aug 3rd, 2017

          Walter Volovsek: Time Windows — Crossroads

          During his inspection, William Van Horne derided the line as a ‘railway from nowhere to nowhere.’

          • Aug 3rd, 2017

          PLACE NAMES: Summit City and Summit Lake

          William Haywood had great plans for his townsite near Eholt. They didn’t pan out.

          • Aug 3rd, 2017